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About Me.

SL Custom Websites helps businesses get their products and ideas online with elegant easy to use websites.

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My Skills.

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Hand-Coded HTML

Writing clean, well-formatted, semantic HTML5 by hand is important to us to make sure that content is easy to read, easy to collaborate, trouble-shoot and accessible.

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Well-Organized CSS

SL Custom Websites creates CSS that is easy to read and build on. Completed CSS will be lean and fast to load, and created with current best practices.

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Ease Converting Designs into Code

Existing designer PSDs can be created from scratch or quickly & accurately converted into a webpage that is a pixel-perfect match.

Featured Work.

Personal Website

Personal Website

Personal Website written with HTML5 and CSS3

Portfolio Site

Portfolio Website

Portfolio Website created with a Custom Wordpress Theme

Business Website

Business Website

Business Website created with a Custom Wordpress Theme